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Press Release - Through Technology Supporting Modernisation of Justice IT

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Ministry of Justice Headquarters,   Petty France,  London
Ministry of Justice Offices, Petty France, London

LONDON - AUGUST 31st 2018 – Through Technology, the UK ICT Consultancy firm specialising in public sector infrastructure transformation, has been awarded a 2 year contract to provide a managed service to support the UK Ministry of Justice with ICT Change.

The contract commenced on 1st July 2018, with Through Technology supplying an expert team to provide solution leadership and solution architect support for the Ministry’s Technology Transformation Programme (TTP) and for further major projects in MoJ Digital and Technology and other parts of the business over the next two years.

This model will bolster the Ministry’s internal teams with additional expertise as they transition from older outsourcing contracts to a new model with greater insourcing and disaggregation of ICT provision.

Peter Hanney, Managing Partner at Through Technology said:

“We are delighted to be in a position to directly support the Ministry of Justice through technology changes for the next two years. As a UK small business, we will be able to bring our expertise, efficiency and agility to bear on projects that might previously have been exclusively the domain of large consultancies and systems integrators. We believe this will deliver real value for the Ministry of Justice and for UK tax payers.”


Peter Hanney, Managing Partner



Through Technology is a UK IT Consultancy Firm, specialising in infrastructure transformation and cloud services for the UK Public Sector. Founded in 2017, Through Technology’s vision is to provide consistently excellent solution leadership and technical expertise to support the modernisation and digitisation of UK Public services. We provide solution assurance, solution architecture, engineering services, adoption & change management, commercial & management support and red team review services, all with the agility and flexibility available from a UK small business.

Website: www.throughtechnology.uk

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