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About Through Technology

Our People

​​We know that our reputation relies entirely on the people that we assign to work with our clients. That's why we put a great deal of effort into finding the best people.  People who can lead or support our clients through the most complex activities, whilst delivering excellent service and maintaining great working relationships. ​


We choose people that we want to work alongside every day and learn from so that you will too. ​ Achieving Consistent Excellence (ACE for short) is a key aim of our business and the name of our recruitment process.


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Our Customers

Here are some of the organisations that trust Through Technology to deliver and support their digital transformation initiatives:

Our Founders

A picture of Peter Hanney,  one of our founders

Peter Hanney

Managing Partner

Peter is a solution leader with over 20 years of experience leading infrastructure transformation projects in the UK Public Sector.  Working on both client and supplier sides.  


Peter combines technical ability and proven commercial acumen, with a strong view on ICT strategy and the ability to communicate complex technical issues in a clear authoritative manner.

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John Waddington

Managing Partner

John is a highly experienced solution leader with a wealth of experience in infrastructure design and migration.  


Over the past 20 years John has worked in lead architect roles with systems integrators and customer organisations across the UK public and private sectors.

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A picture of John Waddington,  one of our founders
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Our Brand

Through Technology didn't spend a fortune with a PR firm to develop our brand, Peter & John have evolved it over time, reflecting our true nature, philosophy and approach.

Searching for a name, they both felt the need to promote their ethos of always seeing even the toughest projects through to the end; to learn all the lessons and gain the experience missed by those other organisations who leave without completing delivery.

Whilst our business is digital,  our passion is helping customers in managing the underpinning technology of infrastructure and cloud services and their suppliers.  We want to improve peoples' lives by helping our clients through technology challenges.

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We want to improve peoples' lives by helping our clients through technology challenges.



Through Technology is already Carbon Negative Business.  Exceeding the UK targets for Net Zero.

Meaning that we have optimised our business for low carbon operation, already removed more CO2 from the atmosphere than our company has ever emitted and committed to continuous improvement of this position.


You can read about our approach and commitment to fighting change in the "Beyond Net Zero - the Through Technology Environmental Impact Plan".  To comment,  or for further information and supporting evidence please email

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