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Solution Leadership & Assurance
Solution Assurance
Quality management in business process a

Do you need assurance of your programme or service?   Whether it is delivered by a supplier or internal team,   for critical or high-value work independent assurance provides confidence that things are on track or progressing on a defined path to rectifying any issues.

We have a proven and pragmatic approach to technology and delivery assurance built from years of experience.

Solution and Delivery Integration
Business man making a presentation at of

Do you need help integrating and delivering solutions from multiple suppliers? 


Solution Leadership means standing at the front as our customer's voice. We augment your team with the expertise to enable and direct the delivery of a complex integrated and fit for purpose solution and to hold your major suppliers to account.  At any stage of a project and in any context.


Insource Transition Support
Change Improvement Development Adjust Tr

Increasingly,  our customers are finding that the agility and control offered by cloud services mean that they can effectively take back control of their IT Strategy and some key services from major outsourcing partners.


At Through Technology,  we offer expertise to help insource services from these large suppliers.   Supporting commercial and management teams to make the change whilst providing interim technical expertise to reduce service risk during the transition.


Procurement Support
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Procurement of Digital & Technology Services is a complex activity,  and not one most organisations will undertake day-to-day.  When you have a complex procurement,  we can provide the burst in capability and capacity that your organisation needs to manage the process and achieve the best outcomes.

Our expertise spans Public and Private sectors,  including User Research,  Requirements Definition,  Procurement Strategy development,  Market Engagement,  Service Knowledge Library provision, Bid evaluation, scoring and feedback, Service boundary definition,  multi-source and dissagregation.

Strategy and Advisory Services
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Often the hardest step in Technology and Digital Transformation is the first one.   At Through Technology we recognise the challenge of developing and gaining for a change in strategy and approach.

To support you in this we provide strategy and advisory services,  including Current State Assessment of your existing landscape, user and business requirement analysis,  business case creation and the full lifecycle of strategy development execution and revision.

Application Development & Management
Agile Cloud & Application Development
Agile lifecycle. process diagram. Agile

We provide application development expertise through individual developers,   agile teams or on an outcomes basis.  Working on hybrid,  cloud or multi-cloud solutions best suited to our customer needs and across both AWS and Azure.   Our teams follow Agile development practices and align to both industry and UK Government standards such as the Technology Code of Practice.

Cloud Application Migration

When migrating applications,  you can migrate (lift and shift),  then refactor the application to make optimal use of cloud services,   do both in sequence,  or shift to a hybrid or multi-cloud approach where your applications require.

It depends on what outcomes you are looking for as the customer.   Suppliers and vendors often favour lift and shift as it is quick to achieve (and bill). However, it is often just "kicking the can down the road" and can result in more expensive operating costs than on-premise solutions and fewer benefits.

If you need an impartial, vendor-neutral partner to deliver or guide your application migration and modernisation strategy, please get in touch.

Client Software Readiness & Remediation
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Moving away from traditional,  on-premise managed End User Devices and Services requires a strategy and process to manage your client software and user-created applications.  Either modernising them,  or presenting as-is to your new devices.

Talk to us about the strategy,  process, and service to manage one of the main challenges of IT modernisation.

Microsoft Power Platform Services
power platform.JPG

Microsoft Power Platform is an area of strong focus for Microsoft,   with ambitions to use it to move Teams from a hub for collaboration,   to the core platform for your business.

Whilst that is ambitious,  the combination of ready access to corporate data in Office365 and other vendor products,   PowerBI,  Power Apps and Power Automate provide Microsoft customers with a powerful suite of tools to build and manage their own systems with a "low code" approach.

In 2020 Through Technology automated many of our business processes using Power Platform,   providing the efficiency we needed as a growing business and leveraging the data and licensing we'd already procured in 365.

If you are looking to build simple applications,   develop your raw data into valuable business information or simply automate processes and drive efficiency,  with tools you can manage within your organisation,   then please get in touch.

Applied Innovation
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Technology theme drawing and table with

ML and AI are currently in a "Buzzword boom" with lots of organisations leaping into projects to try and drive efficiencies and gain competitive advantage.

We aim to help our customers apply AI,  ML and process automation solutions effectively to your business problems and data.   Starting with assessment of where and whether these technologies can be utilised,  through business case development before proceeding into the implementation lifecycle and measurable benefit realisation.

Talk to us for a hype-free,  practical approach to AI,  ML and RPA-based innovation that will secure funding and demonstrate success.

Data Management,  Migration & Archival
Cloud Data Migration & Consolidation
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Whether moving data to cloud services for the first time,   or consolidating a sprawling digital heap across multiple Software as a Service products,   we provide a managed service to move your data to a strategic location,  optimise licensing spend,  preserve user access and implement the additional retention and security controls of the target platform.

We are technology agnostic,  working with the toolsets and services which best fit our customer's requirements and environment.   We also have a wealth of experience in service transition and data migration from exiting suppliers.

Cloud Archiving and Data Management
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How do you ensure you retain the data you need,   delete the data you must,  secure your data,  maintain legal compliance and optimise your storage and SaaS costs?

With our partner Archive360 we provide services to resolve these challenges.   Whether you want to be able to archive and seamlessly restore individual Office365 accounts (to save license costs but maintain data retention requirements),   journal email data,  reduce your SaaS storage charges or undertake subject access request,  security or freedom of information searches.   Our service,  powered by Archive360, offers a single,  fully legally compliant cloud data archive, within your security boundary,   with powerful search and classification capabilities and data stored in its native format.

Email Migration and Consolidation
Human hand presenting futuristic transpa

We provide end to end capability to migrate and consolidate your email solutions,   Managing not just the movement of data,  but the challenges of co-existence,  shared resource access,  identity management,  domain consolidation,  message routing,  exiting suppliers and email security.

With experience leading some of the largest and most complex migrations in the UK Public Sector.

Email Security
Young adult holding flying envelope witc

Phishing (impersonation of others to gather company or personal information) is the most prevalent form of hacking. We specialise in improving email security, introducing tools such as DMARC,  SPF, and DKIM,   along with user education campaigns,   email sanitisation and monitoring to reduce exposure to phishing.  These standards are mandatory in UK Government and just common sense in the private sector as they protect not only your staff and business, but those of the organisations with whom you work.

Support Services
Microsoft 365 & Azure Managed Services
We Build Relationships card isolated on

Managed Services aren't about the technology;   they are about people and relationships.

At Through Technology,  we build excellent relationships with our customers.   Not just delivering an excellent service but continually seeking ways to optimise it or better leverage the technology to meet our customers' needs and with a unique way of measuring our impact.

(Technical and operational excellence comes as standard).

Cloud Services Support
Diverse call center workers sitting in r

Our service provides end-to-end support and maintenance for your cloud services. Including product ownership, strategy and roadmap/backlog, maintenance, monitoring, service improvement and optimisation. We believe modern cloud services need a modern, robust and responsive support service that is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

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