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Frameworks & Procurement

UK Public Sector

Through Technology is a leading supplier in the UK Public Sector Digital Marketplace, where we offer a range of services including technical experts,  teams,  cloud software, and cloud support.   We are highly experienced in UK Government procurement processes and make procuring our services as simple and straightforward as possible.

G-Cloud 12

We offer a wide range of services to help UK Public Sector organisations meet today's challenges of Digital Transformation,  Disaggregation, and addressing technical debt. Having provided architecture expertise to the two largest government departments,   Through Technology has unique and industry-leading experience addressing today's public sector challenges.

We also bring a unique approach to adding value for our clients which truly differentiates us from the competition and makes our services much more valuable to our customers.  Please ask about this when you talk to us.


Our Cloud Support (Lot 3) Services on the G-Cloud 12 Framework include:


Our Cloud Software (Lot 2) Services on the G-Cloud 12 Framework include:


Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) 4

Digital Outcomes and Specialists offers our customers an easy means to gain access to excellent skilled individuals,  teams, and solutions.   We supply services through Lots 1 & 2 of the framework,   providing specific outcomes and specialist resources to help customers achieve their digital and technology transformation goals.


UK Private Sector & Overseas customers

Through Technology has a wealth of experience in digital and technology service procurement.  We approach procurement in an open, no-nonsense and collaborative manner,  aiming to make the purchase of our services a straight-forward and pain-free process.    If you would like to discuss any of our services,  please contact or start a conversation.

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