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​Carbon Reduction & Environmental Impact

Our Environmental Commitment

Through Technology commits...

  1. To operating our business in a carbon-efficient manner, selecting partners who will do the same.

  2. To annually calculate our business carbon footprint and seek each year to further reduce our environmental impact by optimising our systems and processes.

  3. To achieve and maintain a Carbon Negative position through annually offsetting double our residual carbon footprint using appropriately certified and reputable expert suppliers.

  4. To openly discuss and encourage these and further measures within our business and with our customers, suppliers and staff.

Through Technology's Environmental Pledge

A Note from our Partners

Through Technology is committed to having a positive impact that extends beyond the scope of the projects we deliver.   We believe that in modern times,  every organisation should be doing its part to fight climate change. Only by everyone doing their part can this global issue be met with an effective global response.

For this reason, in 2021 we put in place the Through Technology Environmental Commitment and Impact Plan,  to ensure that we are continually exceed the UK's Net Zero targets in everything we do and to openly share our approach,  inviting comment,  criticism and any resulting improvements we can make.   

As you will read in the plan below.  Through Technology is already Carbon Negative,   with an annual process operating for three years (as of May 2022) that calculates our residual carbon footprint,  seeks to optimise it,  then offsets double the CO2 that we have produced through reputable certified UK-onshore schemes. Carbon calculations are undertaken per-staff member,  meaning that our approach scales with our business and will remain affordable in perpetuity.

Our approach and calculations have been reviewed by the experts at resulting in Through Technology's certification to the Carbon Neutral Plus standard which serves as independent verification that we exceed the UK's Net Zero target already.

Our environmental impact plan is shown below. If you would like to comment or have any questions about our approach, we would welcome any feedback to

Peter Hanney & John Waddington

Founders and Managing Partners of Through Technology

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