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Join our Team

Make a difference Through Technology

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We are a successful growing business and always looking for more talented people to join our team, both now and in the future.

We believe that employment should be a reciprocal relationship, where both parties benefit. To this end we offer:

  • To enable you to make real a difference for our customers

  • To provide the opportunity to work with other talented people

  • Interesting,  challenging work with Enterprise-scale customers

  • Flexibility to work from any location suitable for the task,  with a company built upon modern, flexible working

  • Attractive remuneration

We also recognise:

  • the benefits of diverse and inclusive teams to our business, to our customers and to wider society

  • that health and family should be everyone's priority

  • that work should have an element of fun and enjoyment


In return we find and work with the very best,   in terms of skills capability and potential,  but also those who


  • Have a Growth Mindset and are life-long learners

  • Care about the beneficiaries of the work they deliver

  • Strive to make a real difference

  • Care about personal and business integrity

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Specific Roles

We are also currently looking to fill the following specific roles:

Cloud Engineering

We are seeking additional Cloud Engineers with experience in the design,  implementation, automation and support of Microsoft Azure Services.  Contact us for further information.

Business Development

We are seeking a full-time employee to work with our managing partners on Business Development. This will include developing customer relationships,  media presence, event/exhibition attendance and much more.  


We think this would be an ideal opportunity for someone looking to step forward to lead in this area for a business, having excelled in a relevant qualification or more junior role.

Get in touch

We are always interested in connecting with talented individuals and potential subcontractors, so if you have read this far then please just email or start a conversation.  

If now is not the right time, we might decide to work together in future when the opportunity arises.

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