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Through Technology, exceeding UK Net Zero Targets

Monday 13th November 2023 - London: Environmental sustainability is important to us at Through Technology, which is why we have a policy and defined approach to ensure our business has a positive impact on global climate change.

You can read about this in full in our environmental impact plan published at:

Today, Through Technology have now completed our annual Carbon Reduction exercise comprising:

  1. Calculating our annual emissions.

  2. Having those figures externally professionally audited

  3. Looking at options to further reduce our footprint in the year ahead.

  4. Offsetting 200% of our residual carbon footprint through certified, environmentally appropriate tree planting schemes in areas identified by HM Government as of higher deprivation.

As a result, we are now recertified to the Carbon Neutral Plus (PAS2060) standard. As independent evidence that our business is carbon neutral.

CO2e Assessed and Carbon Neutral Plus Certified logos.
Formally Assessed and Carbon-Negative Certified

Part of our climate commitment is to actively share our work in this area and invite constructive comment and criticism to help us, and everyone else improve in this area. If you have any questions about this or comments on our approach, please contact us at


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