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Innovation with world's most powerful AI

I’m pleased to announce that Through Technology have secured a place on the OpenAI Beta, providing us with early access to GPT-3, the largest natural language processing AI solution in existence.

For those unfamiliar with the OpenAI story, GPT3 is a pre-trained AI language model utilising deep learning to produce human-like text (or code). With over 175 Billion machine learning parameters it has more than 10x the capacity of the previous leading solution in this area and the capability to produce “eerily accurate” prose and even code.

Whilst it was announced in May 2020, GPT-3 really and very literally hit the headlines when it wrote an opinion piece for UK newspaper The Guardian in September. With this level of interest, securing one of 3,000 closed beta licenses is a significant achievement for Nick Mannouch from our innovation team.

Given the capability of GPT-3, there is genuine concern that it can be used for harmful purposes such as mass manipulation through social media. As Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility”. To mitigate this, closed beta access to the GPT-3 API been restricted to a small select group, with applications judged on merit and innovation.

While I’m not going to reveal the innovative proposal that Nick is researching quite yet, it is certainly transformative and – not unlike Peter Parker – Nick will be helping organisations achieve great things through the power of the web. To find out more about this story or talk with us about other applications for AI and machine learning, please contact

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