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Through Technology - A Carbon Negative Business

Our Eco Logo - a version of the Through Technology logo with our normal colours replaced by a green forest image

London, 31st August 2021: Through Technology are proud to announce that as of today, we are a Carbon Negative Business and that we have committed to remain so in perpetuity.

“Becoming carbon negative requires a company, sector or country to remove more CO 2 from the atmosphere than it emits”. International Energy Agency

Our business was established with a highly efficient business model which lends itself naturally to low carbon emissions. Since our founding in 2017, our business has….

  • Practiced Hybrid Working, working remotely or side by side with our clients in their locations when face to face collaboration is required.

  • Had a cloud first policy, with properly secured and carbon-efficient cloud services providing our IT systems.

  • Not operated vehicles or offices.

  • Had a public transport first policy, using UK train and underground services wherever practical.

We have therefore struggled to further improve the environmental efficiency of our business. Today, we took the next step in our climate change journey. Calculating our residual carbon footprint and offsetting double the volume of CO2 generated by our staff and associates using the same reputable scheme used to offset HM Government ministerial travel.

We have further committed to repeating this exercise for the lifetime of our business, meaning each year we will plant trees with a reputable organisation to capture double our annual carbon footprint. Because each year’s planting will have a lifetime of many years, this will result in a cumulative and exponential improvement, showing our commitment to help the government achieve the UK’s ambitious carbon emissions targets.

Our process is....  Analyse our carbon footprint,  optimise our business process to reduce it,  offset double the residual CO2 emissions.
Through Technology Carbon Reduction Cycle

Our Carbon Reduction Commitment

Through Technology commit.....

A graph forecasting how our carbon reduction will grow exponentially compared to our carbon emissions.  Starting at double and growing to tenfold.

1. To operating our business in a carbon-efficient manner, selecting partners who will do the same.

2. To annually calculating our business carbon footprint and seeking to reduce our environmental impact by optimising our systems and processes.

3. To remaining and growing increasingly Carbon Negative by annually offsetting double our residual carbon footprint using appropriately certified and reputable expert suppliers.

4. To openly discuss and encourage these and further measures within our business and with our customers, suppliers and staff.

This approach makes our business carbon negative from today onward, and increasingly carbon negative the longer we trade and grow.

Our managing partners believe that climate change requires immediate action to protect our planet and our children from its health, environmental and societal impact. We believe in operating our business in an ethical manner and that must now include this serious commitment to fighting climate change.

John Waddington & Peter Hanney,

Managing Partners

Image Attribution -

The forest image used in our eco-logo at the top of this article was created by German Photographer and Mathematician Dietmar Rabich. Both the original and our logo version are licensed under the BY-SA4.0 Creative Commons License.


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