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This is not the ThroughTek you are looking for...

Naming a company is one of the first challenges for the founders of a start-up. It was something we thought long and hard when starting Through Technology in 2018.

We picked the name because John and I decided that we each shared the personal value that we saw things through and that we had the capability and tenacity to see really complex and sometimes difficult technology projects from start to finish.

Once you've picked a great name and registered the trademark, you still face the issue of organisations with similar names and brands.

That came to light this week with this article in the IT industry news site TheRegister, mentioning a critical vulnerability in unpatched IoT devices made by Chinese company "ThroughTek".

There is no connection whatsoever between our business and ThroughTek Co,. Ltd (or TUTK as they abbreviate).

If you'd like to know more about the media coverage around ThroughTek's products this week, you can find a statement on their website here.

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